Fun, fast-paced arithmetic for iPad.

Take the fear out of math in 5 minutes a day.

Allows for Multiple Users.

You only have 1 iPad? No problem! This app allows for multiple users, so every member of the family can have their own profile. Just create a new user and select your User Name - all the progress graphs will show only your scores.

5 Drill Types, Multiple Levels, Unlimited Drills!

This Spirit of Math Drills App has 5 different types of drills with up to 6 difficulty levels in each, and an unlimited number of drills. You can choose any difficulty level at any time – no need to unlock levels!

Key pad options

Choose between four keypad options to find the one that suits you. The number pad can be changed at any time, just by touching the number pad icon at the top of the drill grid.

Drill Basics: Inputting and Marking Your Drills

To do the drills, start at the top of the column and work your way down. The watch in the top right corner times your progress. You have a maximum of five or ten minutes depending on the drill type. Once your time is up, the drill stops and your answers are automatically scored. Touch the wrong answer and the correct answer flips over.

Progressing: Ten-minute Drills

When you feel you’ve mastered the basics, progress up to the harder 10-minute drills. We recommend that a score of at least 35/40 for the 5-minute drills and 70/80 for the 10-minute drills be achieved before moving on to the next level. Your highest score is shown at the top of the grid before you start and your goal is to beat that score!

Tracking your progress

Doing a drill just to do a drill doesn’t work. To really excel, you need to see your progress. The progress graph plots your score and timing for each type of drill. The red line shows the score and the green line shows the time. Just touch one of the dots and you’ll see your score or time and the date you did that of that drill.

Recent News

02-02-2012 - Spirit of Math Drills app was rated app of the week by! Read the Review

03-27-2012 - Spirit of Math Drills app was rated 5 out of 5 Apples by! After thorough testing by moms and kids alike, the influential reviewer from Apps For Homeschoolers had this to say, "Spirit of Math Drills is a self-contained system for generating a huge range of math drills and keeping track of the results for multiple children. A math drill program has never been so easy to get off the ground – no printouts, no record-keeping, the app does it all for you – and if you’ve ever priced out physical drill systems, you’ll know this is an awesome price too." Read the Review

03-06-2012 - Spirit of Math Schools Announces its first iPad app. The Spirit of Math Drills App will be available on iTunes App Store as of Monday, March 12. The app, based on Spirit of Math's acclaimed drill system, is designed to improve number fluency and arithmetic in kids and adults and... takes the fear out of math in just 5 minutes a day!


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